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Brand Heritage

Rossana is an Italian luxury lifestyle brand established in 1953. The brand occupies an important position in Italy’s design history, with over 50 years as a top producer of high-end contemporary kitchens Rossana, is considered a benchmark in styling, technology and quality for the entire sector. Rossana benefits from a rich heritage and in 1972 was the first kitchen company to be exhibited in the MOMA, New York.

Rossana has worked with Italy’s most prominent names in design, making it a respected partner for architectural projects and beautiful homes all over the world. From the beginning, Rossana has worked together with internationally renowned designers like Giancarlo Iliprandi, Alberto Salvati & Ambrogio Tresoldi, Michele De Lucchi, Alfredo Zengiaro, Tito Agnoli, Rodolfo Dordoni, Massimo Castagna, Christophe Pillet, Ennio Arosio and Vincenzo De Cotiis. Thanks to the determination and intensity of their work, Rossana installations have been chosen to decorate the most beautiful houses in Italy and around the world. Rossana models are “long sellers”: one that stands out is Isola by Giancarlo Iliprandi (1968) which made design history and was exhibited in 1972 at MOMA in New York during “Italy : The New Domestic Landscape“ show.

Rossana continues to design and develop the most dynamic and exciting range of contemporary modular kitchens available using exclusive materials and finishes making Rossana the connoisseurs choice. In particular, Rossana Artisans specialise in working with metals such as burnished brass, silver and pewter, as well as stone, marble, lacquers and heat treated veneers. Additionally, by utilising the bespoke Atelier system, clients have access to an extensive array of finishes that can be used to create their own bespoke designs.

Rossana has a natural bond with architects, interior designers and developers in pursuit of original, tailor-made design. Above all the brand is committed to quality and continual product development, which gives it continuing strength and credibility in the design sector.

Rossana kitchens are built with an obsessive attention to detail; in essence these are industrial designs. The flexible design systems enable tailor-made personalisation with compatible components, allowing Rossana kitchens to be adapted to suit both the setting and individual.

Every individual has the opportunity to express their own tastes, without compromise to the technical and construction detail of the systems.