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A New Chapter In Kitchen Design


Portatilé is a revolutionary kitchen concept, containing unique features and characteristics, not previously seen in a single kitchen system.

One Kitchen for life

Using advanced production techniques, Portatilé can be assembled and re-assembled many times, enabling the kitchen layout to be re-configured to meet the user’s evolving life cycle.

Portatilé can also be moved from one property to another. This makes Portatilé a sound investment and a kitchen for life.

Functional Art

The traditional boundary between kitchen and living space is increasingly blurred, with luxury clients seeking to achieve lateral space where the front of house kitchen can be seamlessly integrated into the living area.

Portatilé re-positions the kitchen as sculptural objects elevating and helping to transform the space. The materials, design and technological features allow the functional aspects of the kitchen to be hidden from view until required.


Using Rossana’s advanced engineering techniques allows around 20 linear metres of sophisticated kitchen furniture to be installed in 48 hours. Portatilé is specifically designed to be re-configured or complimented by additional Rossana elements, in response to the users changing circumstances. This eliminates the need for renewal and makes Portatilé the most sustainable kitchen in the luxury sector.